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Business Consulting

In today’s economy, people are the most important asset, and they provide a competitive edge for organizations. Many business challenges are people challenges. Maintaining employee productivity and organizational profitability and/or mission focus remains a priority for leaders. HR Operational Excellence and Service Delivery is a minimum standard. Organizations gain a competitive edge when leaders can critically review the business strategy, organizational dynamics and implements hands-on, practical, and results-oriented human capital strategies that drive business success. HTCA consultants have a proven track record of aligning human capital to business goals. We have trusted advisors to leaders, guiding the big-picture while leading through cultural change.

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Human Capital Consulting

Consulting expertise that grows your business and maximizes performance and productivity at every organization level. Our services include business strategy, operations process, workflow analysis; performance improvement, business automation planning; program/project management and facilitation; cost containment; contingency planning.

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Technology Solutions

Strategic technology consulting and solutions that assist organizations with aligning technology with business needs. HTCA consultants provide advice on the best technologies for your business, find the most cost-effective technology solution, help you source the right skills for your IT project, and manage your IT project to achieve your budget, timeframes, and business goals.

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